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b l a c k e r . s h o a l s

improbably perfect, enduring all...

b l a c k e r . s h o a l s

until darkness swallows whole...

b l a c k e r : s h o a l s

"wires, noise and controlled feedback..."

Blacker Shoals create beautifully distressed industrial soundscapes, using live analog electronics, tape loops, heavily processed guitars and field samples. Their work is often cinematic, featuring textured experimental compositions, abstract and complex electronic percussion, harmonic and atonal themes. Works are often associated with film and video installations, sometimes in collaboration with other artists. If you are interested in commissioning pieces or licensing work then email here.

f e e


f i


f o


f u m


at the tip of the glacier, meltwater streams down
etching its random criss-cross path
icy-white sinews, caressing the flow
as the chaos grows within
and the ice surface tilts and groans
collapsing in full song

Music for dark northern winters: short days, long nights, and reasons to stay inside.

Influences: music concrète | industrial noise | microtonal | drone | warped vinyl | oscillator drift | time-stretched piano | vintage tape machines

m a d e   i n   e n g l a n d


r e l e a s e s

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For audio releases and video releases click on the associated images below for further info. For progress on new releases see the news page.


Mörkö | Aug 2020

13-track full release on digital channels including iTunes, and Spotify, with a pre-release on Bandcamp. A brooding lush monster of a record, two years in the making.


Joy Plan B | Dec 31 2018

13-track full release on digital channels as well as iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. Limited edition vinyl in the works.

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Images are made mainly with iPhone, Sony and Olympus cameras. Some are then incorporate hand drawn imagery. You can find more on instagram. If you are interesting in using or commissioning pieces please email here.







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